HK Massage

Our Company is extremely thankful to all our customers, who supported us in the Indian market

Our company is delivering the best qualities to customer on best price of different with another company and solving the all problems from purchasing to establishing company according to customer’s needs.
Extremely thankful our customer who contacted our company and we will provide best quality and timing as Korean eyes level


  • 2010

    The beginning  

    Established HANKUK construction and trading pvt. Ltd.

  • 2011

    Start to business

    Construction contact 6 items / Made first maintenance contract

  • 2012

    Start to build residential house

    Built new luxury house as residential house in Korea

  • 2013

    Extend the business scope 

    Extend various business for scrap of warehouse and plant and housekeeping

  • 2014

    Rapid grow of company

    Rapid increment of company a years sales

  • 2015

    Start the interior business 

    Contract first interior and enter in Mumbai

  • 2015

    Extend Design scope 

    Developed as professional acrylic and printing manufacturing company

  • 2017

    Trust and recognition of quality of company

    Take suggestion for new businesses and registration for Samsung c&t as 1st vendor